From generation to generation, from past to present, the Fillioux men have been blessed with an exceptional "nose"

1858 – 1920
1885 – 1967
1919 – 2001
1948 to present
1980 to present

At La Pouyade, the dynasty of Jean Fillioux has its roots. Five generations have accepted, year after year, the subtle duties dictated by tradition.

The House of Jean Fillioux belongs to a select group of traditional family estates who have successfully defended their upper quality niche over several decades by producing consistently authentic Cognacs that rest on century-old traditions, patience and love to become the masterpieces true connoisseurs appreciate.

“Perched on high to reach for the sky” could be the translation of the words written below the majestic cockerel on the family’s coat of arms. It is a fine, noble motto that defines our past, our history and our traditions. “Take the high ground to see far” would befit “La Pouyade”, our lovely estate that has been in the family since 1894. It is perched at the top of a hill where our handsome manor house overlooks our magnificent vineyard standing in the heart of the Grande Champagne of Cognac.